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James Fisher Offshore WFS Technologies

Riser Monitoring

Cutting Tool

WFS Technologies, a specialist in tion, orientation), local analytics and

UK based equipment and services

Subsea Internet of Things devices, the reporting of real-time information company James Fisher Offshore has has introduced new solutions for through the water-air boundary with developed a new internal abrasive cut- monitoring offshore risers both above WFS’ patented Seatooth technology, ting system designed to provide higher and below surface, on ? xed structures which removes the need for dunkers. .

performance, cost savings and opera- including jackets and braces, in real

The WFS sensors are enabled with tional ef? ciency for underwater de- time. The new products allow for the edge computing that can be used to commissioning activities.

measurement of 9-axis motion (vibra- validate the model in subsea condi-

The abrasive cutting technology of- fers an innovative method for the in- tions, and report data in real time. ternal cutting and removal of subsea

Edge computing enables the fatigue tubular structures, ranging from piles model to be uploaded to each sen- and jacket legs through to well casings sor. Analysis is undertaken locally, and well heads. The system is capable with the relevant data logged on the of severing double-plated hull sections sensor and any deviation from the greater than 84 millimeters in one pass, model communicated wirelessly by and offers performance enhancements exception.

such as real-time cut veri? cation, vi- sual external cut monitoring and in- creased ? exibility. The unique air? ow

Operators can gain real time, system negates the need to de-water actionable information on riser and reduces the amount of operations condition in any environment.

Source: WFS Technologies in the task, minimizes the equipment required, and a leads to a 60% reduc-

Schlumberger tion in the overall cutting time, the manufacturer said. .

Digital Exploration Platform

A new digital platform is designed More than 3 million square kilo- to help exploration teams rapidly dis- meters of 3D seismic surveys, 3 mil- cover and access basin-scale data and lion kilometers of 2D seismic lines, manage exploration opportunities. and other exploration data types from

Schlumberger’s GAIA platform Schlumbergers’ partner network of uses the power of the DELFI E&P seismic and well data providers will cognitive environment to access data be available through the platform.

available from E&P industry data pro- The platform combines the use of viders, enabling users to discover, vi- a high-performance digital map for sualize and interact with all available global data discovery and 3D visual- data in a region or basin without com- ization with streaming of basin-scale promising resolution and scale. subsurface data.

Source: James Fisher Offshore

The new system is designed for the growing decom market.

Source: Schlumberger

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