Airfilco Appoints Kevin McPherson

airfilco appoints
kevin mcpherson

John Riley, vice president and general manager of Airfilco Engineering, Inc., has announced the appointment of Kevin McPherson as projects manager, with special responsibility for the commissioning and servicing of inert gas systems and generators.

The appointment is part of Airfilco's overall backup program for inert gas systems presently being supplied in the United States at Avondale Shipyards, Inc., National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, and Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company.

A special aspect of Mr. Mc- Pherson's appointment will be the development of training facilities and program for the ship operators who will be using the inert gas systems.

This training facility is intended for general application for all operators, whether or not the inert gas system is of Airfilco design and manufacture.

Airfilco carries out surveys of all types of inerting equipment in their other role as independent consultant in the tanker safety field.

Mr. McPherson is a graduate chemical engineer who has specialized on the design and construction of inert gas systems since 1971, and his experience includes the survey and commissioning of inert gas equipment throughout Europe at the majority of tanker construction shipyards.

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