Bailey Refrigeration Goes On Site For Work Aboard Navy Aircraft Carrier

Bailey Refrigeration Company recently completed a top-to-bottom cleaning and charging of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt's after ship's stores refrigeration system. The 81,600-ton carrier is currently nearing completion at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia. The tune-up included purging all lines to remove air and moisture, charging the system with refrigerant, and testing for competency.

Bailey's 12-man crew completed the complex task in three weeks, meeting the Navy's and the yard's need for a tight completion schedule. Once awarded the job, Bailey required less than 24 hours to assemble a team of highly qualified technicians and service engineers and deliver necessary equipment to the job site.

Other current military assignments for the company include work on the USS Nimitz, a sister ship of the Roosevelt, and other Navy and Army craft. Bailey represents most major refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers, and services all makes and models. Custom design of refrigeration and air conditioning is another company specialty.

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