Newpark Shipbuilding Opens Gas-Freeing Facility In Houston

Newpark Shipbuilding & Repair, Inc. has opened a $2-million barge-cleaning and gas-freeing facility on the Houston Ship Channel, capable of providing a wide range of vessel-cleaning services with extensive environmental safeguards.

John W. Sansing, president of Newpark Shipbuilding & Repair, said the facility represents the most advanced state-of-the-art, both for cleaning and ensuring maximum environmental protection. He said the plant complies fully with all existing safety and environmental regulatory standards. The facility is located on Brady Island in the Houston Ship Channel, about one mile below the turning basin in the Port of Houston, Texas.

The plant is basically a dockside facility where units to be gas-freed are brought alongside and cleaned by any of several appropriate methods.

In addition, it allows Newpark Ship with its five haul-out facilities to provide a full range of services to its customers.

One of the facility's environmental safeguards provides for equipping all storage vessels containing light hydrocarbons capable of escaping with overhead condensers so that vapors are not released in the atmosphere. Lighter, unstable hydrocarbons are burned in a smokeless flare. Mr. Sansing said water for rinsing wifl be totally purified before being discharged or recycled. Newpark Ship is a wholly owned subsidiary of Newpark Resources, Inc., an energy services company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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