S i f c o P r o v i d es O n b o a r d P l a t i n g - L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b le

Sifco Metachemical-Dalic, Cleveland, Ohio, a division of Sifco Industries, has available literature describing their Dalic Maritime Contract Plating Services.

Dalic p l a t i n g e q u i p m e n t is brought to the ship by trained Dalic technicians who do the work onboard. Any repair requiring metal deposits up to 0.015 inch to 0.020 inch is common. The Dalic process is an approved U.S. Navy repair under Navships 0900- 038-6010.

The ability of Dalic to come right onboard to do the j o b eliminates costly downtime in dismantling equipment, cutting holes in hulls, and transporting parts to j o b shops.

Details of actual jobs are described in the literature. Typically, shafts, cylinders, bearings, gears, turbine casings, and bores are application areas.

To receive the literature, write to Carter draff, Sifco Metachemical- Dalic, 5708 S c h a a f Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131.

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