A N e w Source For CP Propeller And Control System Service

—Literature Available A new firm, MCR Engineering Company, based in East Walpole, Mass., founded in July 1988 by Stuart Robinson and Tom Mack, now provides service and parts support for CP propellers, thrusters and control systems. Herb Reinert and Bob Bergquist have since joined the company.

Mr. Mack, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Reinert were the training coordinator, assistant manager and deputy manager, respectively, for the Marine Service Department of a large manufacturer of CPPs, and bring many years of propeller service experience to the new organization. Mr. Bergquist, a seasoned parts specialist well known in the industry, manages parts sales, contracts and purchasing activities.

With the goal of providing a unique brand of personal service to the industry, MCR Engineering offers complete on-site and off-site overhaul and repair, including parts support, system troubleshooting, control system design, retrofit and repair for all types of controllable pitch propellers and bowthrusters.

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