H.J. Ruehsen Of Bethlehem Steel Addresses SNAME Chesapeake Section

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The annual m e e t i n g of the Chesapeake Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was held at Schrafft's Restaurant in the Quality Inn Colony 7 to elect officers for 1979-80 and to hear the paper entitled "Planning and Scheduling Hull Production Operations." The author, H.J. Ruehsen of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, was in- troduced by the moderator, William C. Brayton, also of Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

Mr. Ruehsen emphasized the i m p o r t a n t role p l a n n i n g and scheduling hull production plays in the overall management effort toward achieving a profitable operation. General principles of hull production planning and a method of sequencing activities from the contract award through design and erection of the ship were described. The author introduced the concept of a small-scale "unit production plan" as an effective means of accumulating and communicating production information as it develops. The plan emerges as an important coordinating link b e t w e e n planning, scheduling, hull design and drafting, lofting, material control and the various production departments involved. The compact format also makes it possible to q u i c k l y r e l a t e the many unit numbers on schedules and production control charts to their respective parts of the ship structure. In planning for parts fabrication, the author discussed a computer- aided system that transforms a conventional fabrication schedule into a facility loading projection along with associated leveling and facility utilization prediction. More r e a l i s t i c inprocess durations, based on a real measure of work content, are almost automatically obtained. Mr.

Ruehsen s u g g e s t e d dimensional control procedures be established in conjunction with initial production planning as an important possible means of reducing costs.

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