Wartsila s Italian Plant Rolls Out Two Stroke

Given the rigorous commercial and physical environments in which sea commerce is conducted, shipowners are understandably conservative. The requirement for machinery and equipment reliability is all the more intense in a maritime setting, due to


Modern Maid-of-All Work

Recent years have witnessed a number of programs involving new series of versatile, omni-purpose ships targeted at the market for project cargoes and otherwise heavy or outsized items of freight. The multiple-vessel nature of the various fleet

Hempel Celebrates 50 Years

Hempel Farben GmbH, headquartered in Pinneberg, Germany reached a milestone, as its recently marked 50 years of service to the marine industry. Since May 1951, when Germany had just begun to rebuild following WWII, JC Hempel established what came

Generators And Synchronous Condensers

At the same time, AMSC has begun fabrication of a prototype for a 10- MVAR SuperVAR dynamic synchronous condenser (DSC) ordered by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). DSC's ensure proper VAR levels are maintained in electric power transmission and distribution systems,

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