U n i t o r To Conduct U n i q u e R e f r i g e r a t i o n T r a i n i n g On G a s Tanker

Unitor A.S., of Kolbotn, Norway, has entered into an agreement with the Hanseatic Marine Training School in Cyprus to train Unitor marine refrigeration service technicians onboard Hanseatic's combined training ship/gas carrier Annabella. The company


Braswell To Operate Panamanian Yard

Elliott S. Braswell Sr., chairman and chief executive officer of the Braswell Services Group, Inc., Charleston, S.C., recently announced the formation of Astilleros Braswell International, S. A., a Panamanian company. This company will further expand Braswell Ser- vices Group, Inc.

Guam Set To Become Key U.S. Military Outpost In Pacific

After the Philippine senate rejected a treaty that would have extended U.S. rights to Subic Bay naval base by 10 years, the Department of Defense (DOD) began planning a build-up on Guam that will eventually turn the island into the region's central supply, communications and arms depot.

IMODCO Establishes Far East Marketing Office

IMODCO has opened a Far East marketing office situated in Shaw Towers, Suite 2109 on Singapore's Beach Road. Leonard K. Watts, transferred from Los Angeles, Calif, headquarters, has been named regional manager. In making the announcement, Alfred W.

Key Port Security Measure Passed

H.R. 3983, the "Maritime Transportation Antiterrorism Act of 2002," was passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T & I) Committee on March 20. The legislation was introduced by the bipartisan leadership of the Transportation Committee, including: Rep.

OTC Begins Study Of HP's Response To Wave Forces

Offshore Technology Corporation of Escondido, Calif., invited the offshore industry to participate in a study and test program to determine the response of Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) to wave forces. Rod Edwards, president, OTC, said that the

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