Ranging from a small, maneuverable coastal and inland multi-mission environmental boat to a large new generation deepwater supply vessel, this year's top ten workboats built by second-tier U.S. and Canadian shipyards represent a wide range of hull styles,


H o u s t o n S y s t e m s C o m p l e t es C u s t o m W o r k O n 4 N e w Rigs

Houston Systems Manufacturing Company, Houston, Texas, has completed the fabrication and rig-up of a workover/drilling platform rig for the Hercules Offshore Drilling Company, two trailerized desert rigs for USS Oilwell Supply and one mobile workover rig for Cooper Manufacturing Company.

Aloha Kittiwake - USCG Welcomes Bollinger-Built Patrol Boats

The newest Coast Guard vessel in Hawaii, the 87-ft. (26.5 m) patrol boat Kittiwake, was designed to venture out on the sea when the strength of other ships has failed, when the mystery of that ship and crew's limits has been solved. To the men and

Matson Orders Econics Fuel Optimizers—Reports 3.5% Savings In Fuel

Matson Navigation Company has ordered 11 Econics fuel optimization systems to equip all of the boilers on the major ships of the fleet. This order followed a six-month evaluation of a system that was installed on one of the two 110,000 pound hour B&W boilers of Matson's Manulani,

New Sandblasting System Provides Recycling Of Blasting Abrasive

Schmidt Manufacturing, Inc. of Houston, Texas, has introduced the Model BRC 4000, a unique new sandblasting system designed to blast, recover, and classify blasting abrasive. The BRC 4000 is comprised of a blasting unit, a vacuum recovery system,

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