Union Oil Products Carrier Launched At NASSCO Yard

Christening and launching ceremonies were held at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) recently for the Sierra Madre (shown above), one of three 37,500-dwt Carlsbad Class product carriers being built for Union Oil Company of California.



Ranging from a small, maneuverable coastal and inland multi-mission environmental boat to a large new generation deepwater supply vessel, this year's top ten workboats built by second-tier U.S. and Canadian shipyards represent a wide range of hull styles,

Braswell To Operate Panamanian Yard

Elliott S. Braswell Sr., chairman and chief executive officer of the Braswell Services Group, Inc., Charleston, S.C., recently announced the formation of Astilleros Braswell International, S. A., a Panamanian company. This company will further expand Braswell Ser- vices Group, Inc.

Double Trouble? Double Trouble?

The U.S. was instrumental in the introduction on a large scale of double-hulled tankers. Born out of a desire to make tanker vessels safer by making them more resilient in the event of a grounding or collision, double-hull designs nonetheless have

Guam Set To Become Key U.S. Military Outpost In Pacific

After the Philippine senate rejected a treaty that would have extended U.S. rights to Subic Bay naval base by 10 years, the Department of Defense (DOD) began planning a build-up on Guam that will eventually turn the island into the region's central supply, communications and arms depot.

Beier Offers Free Brochure On Nav/Com Equipment Certified Compass Repairs

Frank L. Beier Radio's fact-filled 1983 brochure is available on request. This unique brochure features illustrated articles by leading electronics industry representatives on subjects ranging from satellite communications to color radar. In addition,

Dry Dock Association Formed As Ship Repair Revives In N ew York

Ship repair activity in New York is reviving and this has led to the formation of the New York and New Jersey Dry Dock Association, an organization that represents eight drydock operators and has some 50 associated members who are subcontractors or marine equipment suppliers.

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