Krupp Atlas Elektronic Introduces Four New Advanced Radars

Krupp Atlas Elektronik, recently announced they have four new advanced radars designed for ships of any size or class, the Atlas Rasterscan 7600/8600 Series. All represent a significant technological breakthrough in contemporary marine radar design



Biennial International Exhibition Set For June 1 -5 in Piraeus, Greece This year's edition of one of the largest and most popular international shipping exhibitions, Posidonia 92, will be held in the Piraeus Port Authority's waterfront exhibition center in Piraeus,

Wartsila s Italian Plant Rolls Out Two Stroke

Given the rigorous commercial and physical environments in which sea commerce is conducted, shipowners are understandably conservative. The requirement for machinery and equipment reliability is all the more intense in a maritime setting, due to


Ranging from a small, maneuverable coastal and inland multi-mission environmental boat to a large new generation deepwater supply vessel, this year's top ten workboats built by second-tier U.S. and Canadian shipyards represent a wide range of hull styles,

Litton European Unit Advances IB Concept For Workboats

While the advent and advantages of an integrated bridge are more closely associated with big ships and the blue water market, Litton Marine Systems has developed and is offering a comprehensive bridge designed for installation on river dwelling vessels.

Key Port Security Measure Passed

H.R. 3983, the "Maritime Transportation Antiterrorism Act of 2002," was passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T & I) Committee on March 20. The legislation was introduced by the bipartisan leadership of the Transportation Committee, including: Rep.

Shell Literature Details Benefits Of MVI Lube Oils In Marine Diesels

Taking note of the growing worldwide shortage of suitable crudes from which to refine medium viscosity index (MVI) lube oils, Shell Oil Company has prepared new literature pointing out the historically proven benefits of MVI lube oils for mediumspeed diesel engines,

New Gems Flow Switches Designed For Heavy D u t y - Literature Available

The FS-200 M SB Series flow switches from Gems Sensors Division, P l a i n v i l l e , Conn., have been designed to provide accurate flow detection for marine applications requiring rugged duty, dependability, and high repeatability. They are

Generators And Synchronous Condensers

At the same time, AMSC has begun fabrication of a prototype for a 10- MVAR SuperVAR dynamic synchronous condenser (DSC) ordered by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). DSC's ensure proper VAR levels are maintained in electric power transmission and distribution systems,

L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b le On ITT Decca M a r i n e 's N e w A u t o p i l o t System

ITT Decca Marine in the past has been the source of only sophisticated a u t o p i l o t s f o r big ships, fishboats, and navies. Over 13,000 Decca autopilots have been sold to date. The all-new DP150 autopilot is the first small-boat pilot of its caliber to be marketed by ITT Decca.

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