Raytheon To Supply T45 With IBS, Nav Package

Raytheon Marine GmbH won the contract with Raytheon Systems Limited U.K., to supply the Navigation suite and Integrated Bridge equipment, for the first batch of the new Type 45 Anti-Air Warfare Destroyers. Raytheon, in close partnership with the U.


F. Shepherd Promoted At Designers & Planners— Pramud Rawat Joins Firm

Frank Shepherd has been promoted to the position of director, project engineering and systems analysis, and Dr. Pramud Rawat has joined Designers & Planners, Inc. as director, special projects. The announcement was made recently by Ferd Serim, president of the company.

B2B for International Trade and Transport

Notwithstanding the hysteria surrounding it, Y2K turned out to be a non-event, but it did produce an unintended consequence. Business-to-Business (B2B) ventures that would have been introduced in the second-half of 1999 were postponed until the effects of Y2K could be determined.

Del Norte Introduces Model 2006 GPS Receiver

Del Norte Technology Inc., Euless, Texas, has introduced the Model 2006 GPS system, one of the latest additions to its GPS product line. The 2006 is a 6-channel LI C/A code GPS receiver which comes with a built-in PC and rugged splashproof case.

VIEWNAV® Offshore Platform Monitoring System Installed In North Sea And Off California

Navigation Sciences' VIEWNAV® Electronic Chart Offshore Platform Monitoring System is being used increasingly to alert oil-rig platform operators of potential collision danger and to help warn ships of potential collision and anchoring damage to pipelines.

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