Raytheon Announces New Handheld VHF Radiotelephone

Raytheon has announced its new JRC JHS-7 hand-held VHF radiotelephone which provides communication between survival craft and nearby vessels through the use of up to 13 channels. The radiotelephone is designed for short range communications with a minimal battery power consumption.


Union Oil Products Carrier Launched At NASSCO Yard

Christening and launching ceremonies were held at National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) recently for the Sierra Madre (shown above), one of three 37,500-dwt Carlsbad Class product carriers being built for Union Oil Company of California.

Tokimec's Marine Systems Division Offers Wide Range Of Navigation Equipment

Tokimec is the new name for Tokyo Keiki, a leading Japanese company in composite sensing technology. For almost a century the marine systems division of Tokimec has developed new and innovative products for commercial, luxury, leisure and fishing craft.

Shell Literature Details Benefits Of MVI Lube Oils In Marine Diesels

Taking note of the growing worldwide shortage of suitable crudes from which to refine medium viscosity index (MVI) lube oils, Shell Oil Company has prepared new literature pointing out the historically proven benefits of MVI lube oils for mediumspeed diesel engines,

B2B for International Trade and Transport

Notwithstanding the hysteria surrounding it, Y2K turned out to be a non-event, but it did produce an unintended consequence. Business-to-Business (B2B) ventures that would have been introduced in the second-half of 1999 were postponed until the effects of Y2K could be determined.

lotron Gets $4-Million Shell Order For Some 70 Digiplot Radar Plotters

lotron Corporation of Bedford, Mass., in close cooperation with Radio-Holland B.V. of Amsterdam, has just received what it believes to be one of the largest orders ever recorded in the maritime collision-avoidance industry. This order, valued at more than $4 million,

OTC Begins Study Of HP's Response To Wave Forces

Offshore Technology Corporation of Escondido, Calif., invited the offshore industry to participate in a study and test program to determine the response of Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) to wave forces. Rod Edwards, president, OTC, said that the

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