Ranging from a small, maneuverable coastal and inland multi-mission environmental boat to a large new generation deepwater supply vessel, this year's top ten workboats built by second-tier U.S. and Canadian shipyards represent a wide range of hull styles,


Hempel Relocates USA Headquarters To Houston, Texas

Hempel Coatings (USA), Inc., recently announced that it has completed its restructuring program, inclusive of a relocation of its U.S. headquarters to Houston, Texas. This will result in easier and better communication, improved service, along

Guam Set To Become Key U.S. Military Outpost In Pacific

After the Philippine senate rejected a treaty that would have extended U.S. rights to Subic Bay naval base by 10 years, the Department of Defense (DOD) began planning a build-up on Guam that will eventually turn the island into the region's central supply, communications and arms depot.

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