Aloha Kittiwake - USCG Welcomes Bollinger-Built Patrol Boats

The newest Coast Guard vessel in Hawaii, the 87-ft. (26.5 m) patrol boat Kittiwake, was designed to venture out on the sea when the strength of other ships has failed, when the mystery of that ship and crew's limits has been solved. To the men and


OTC Begins Study Of HP's Response To Wave Forces

Offshore Technology Corporation of Escondido, Calif., invited the offshore industry to participate in a study and test program to determine the response of Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) to wave forces. Rod Edwards, president, OTC, said that the

Guralnick Associates Receives OTEC Contract

Morris Guralnick Associates, Inc., San Francisco, Calif., has been selected by the Dillingham Corporation's Hawaiian Dredging & Construction Division to assist in the design and eventual construction of a floating platform to perform rigorous

Information Is Available On Three New Doppler Speed Logs By Raytheon

Literature is now available describing three new Doppler speed logs that use b o t t o m - r e f l e c t ed sound to provide accurate speed data from 0.01 knot to 40 knots, from Raytheon Marine Company. The Raytheon Doppler systems track the bottom to depths of 1,

Lockheed To Build Prototype Vehicles To*' Destroy Naval Mines

Lockheed of Sunnyvale, Calif., announced recently that it will build and test six prototype, lowcost underwater vehicles that can be launched from helicopters to destroy enemy naval mines. The battery-powered, wireguided vehicle, dubbed the Lowcost Expendable Neutralization System (LENS),

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