1978 SNAME Annual Meeting Cites Role In Maritime Industry Progress

The 86th Annual Meeting of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, held at the New York Hilton Hotel in November, brought together the leaders in shipbuilding and ship operation, not only from the United States but worldwide. The wide ranging


HJ403: Hamilton Unveils New Water jet

Hamilton Jet has released a new wateijet model, the 400 mm HJ403 - replacing the popular HJ391 model. According to the manufacturer, the new unit will offer many benefits over other propulsion systems for high speed work and patrol boats with power inputs up to 900 kW.

Multiquip Introduces New 2-Inch ^Submersible Pump —Literature Available

A new 2-inch stainless-steel submersible pump has been introduced by Multiquip Inc., Carson, Calif. The model ST-2005S is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and is ideally suited for the petrochem, agrichem, chemical, and marine applications where hostile liquids traditionally exist.

Phoenix Introduces Sodium Fishing Lights

—Literature Available A new line of fishing vessel lights designed to provide more light while consuming less power has been announced by Phoenix Products Company, Inc. of Milwaukee. Available in both 12-volt and 120- volt models, these fixtures

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